Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Jobs

Asbestos survey jobs are in high demand because this is often required by those in the building trade and elsewhere. The elimination and safe management of asbestos is something that is taken very serious in the UK.


All that is possible is being done to ensure that our previous reliance on this material will have as few negative impacts as possible in the future. Already many people have been negatively impacted by asbestos but we can do a lot to reduce future harm. Since 1999 almost all new buildings will not include asbestos as a material, and a lot has been done to make older buildings with the material safer. Asbestos survey jobs are vital for ensuring both the safety of workers but also the general public.

The Importance of Asbestos Survey Jobs

Although there were suspicions about the safety of asbestos a hundred years ago it wasn’t until about thirty years ago that the severity of the situation became apparent. During the sixties and early seventies asbestos was used extensively in buildings and many other product; there were people who even had asbestos oven gloves. By the eighties though, there was enough evidence against asbestos to cause a lot of government and public concern. A lot of people began to fear that their homes and offices could be killing them. It was out of all this concern that the development of asbestos survey jobs came about.

Just because there is asbestos in a building doesn’t mean that everyone who has used the building is going to develop problems. That’s not really how it works. When it is whole and undamaged the asbestos is generally harmless to people. It is only when damage occurs and the asbestos fibres escape into the air that problems occur; it can also take a lot of fibres before it causes diseases. The importance of asbestos survey jobs then is to ensure that any material that is in use is safe, and that as soon as problems arise the right action will be taken. Of course another important factor of asbestos survey jobs is that in those situations where a building is going to be refurbished or demolished that this occurs safely. Ideally in a few decades all this material will be removed and the demand for asbestos survey jobs will decrease – we are a long way from this situation though.

Some Final Thoughts on Asbestos Survey Jobs

Asbestos survey jobs help keep us all safe from this material that is so harmful to our health. It just wouldn’t be practical to remove this material from every building right away, but as these older buildings disappear it will become much less of a problem. In the meantime those who are involved in asbestos survey jobs can ensure our safety. If you are responsible for any non-domestic building that was built prior to 1999 then you will need to ensure that you have an asbestos management plan – to do this you may have to call in the experts.