Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Leeds

There are a number of different asbestos survey Leeds firms around and it makes sense to check out what each of these has to offer before you choose any of them. Asbestos survey is a serious business and you want to make sure that you


are getting the best quality service for your money. Failure to properly manage asbestos can lead to serious health consequences for people, and there will also be legal implications of any negligence. This is something that is taken seriously by lawmakers, and when you choose asbestos survey Leeds firms you won’t want to be cutting any corners. The good news is that you should be able to get a competent and quality survey without it breaking the bank.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing Asbestos Survey Leeds

  • It is important that you realise why there is such a need for a quality asbestos survey Leeds firm, and that way you won’t begrudge the expense. During the sixties and seventies asbestos was used extensively in many buildings in the UK; a lot of this is still there. Since 1999 tougher regulations were put in place, but we are still dealing with the problems related to our previous reliance on this material. There is now no doubt that asbestos leads to serious health problems for anyone who has enough contact with it. By not dealing with this material effectively you could be putting people’s lives in danger; there are some claims that up to 5,000 people every year in the UK die because of previous exposure to asbestos.
  • If a non-domestic building that you are responsible for was built prior to 1999 you will be expected to have an asbestos management plan. Part of this will likely involve enlisting the help of as asbestos survey Leeds firm. They will provide the information you need as well as other important assistance. If you don’t have an asbestos management plan then there may well be legal consequences.
  • When asbestos is intact it is relatively harmless. It is only when it becomes damaged that the problems really start. This damage could occur due to general wear and tear, or it could be due to reconstruction work. Once the asbestos has been dented or broken it means that asbestos fibres can then become airborne. It is these fibres which are the real danger because they can lead to many diseases and certain types of cancer.
  • There are different types of asbestos survey and in order to choose the best one you will need to consider your requirements carefully. The most basic type is the presumptive survey (type 1) and this just involves going to those areas of the building where there is expected to be asbestos and making a report. The type 2 survey is similar to type 1 but it is more extensive in that it takes samples. The type 3 survey is a full survey and the most extensive one you will find offered by asbestos survey Leeds.