Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey London

Choosing asbestos survey London firms is an important decision, so you will want to weigh up your options carefully. This is not something that you should rush into and certainly not something that you should determine purely on the basis of price.


Asbestos can be a very hazardous material so it is of utmost importance that any survey is conducted by a competent firm. In recent years there have been many new companies opening that offer asbestos survey London services, but not all of these are quality outfits. This is not to say that you need to spend a lot of money in order to get the job done property; what you want is the right balance between low costs and quality service.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing Asbestos Survey London Firms

Here are just some of the things you should be considering prior to choosing asbestos survey London firms.

  • There is legislation that is related to asbestos management and it is important that you understand this and how it impacts you. There have been a number of different regulations brought in over the years, but the basic idea is that if you have asbestos in your non-domestic property you will have a duty to manage this properly. In 2002 the regulations were further increased and now you will be expected to have an asbestos management plan for any non-domestic buildings that were built prior to 1999. The regulations require a survey of the asbestos to determine its safety, and if any action is required that this be taken swiftly. The purpose of employing one of the many asbestos survey London firms is to ensure that you comply with this legislation.
  • There are different types of surveys offered by the asbestos survey London firms and you will need to be clear about which one you want before you approach them; although they will be able to advise if you are unsure. A type 1 survey is sometimes referred to as a presumptive survey, and it just involves going to those parts of the building where there is likely to be asbestos and reporting on what is found. This is the simplest form of survey and is only really appropriate for information gathering. The type 2 survey is the most common type of one requested from asbestos survey London firms, and it is considered the minimum requirement that will ensure you meet legal requirements. In a type 2 survey the team will only go to the areas of the building where asbestos is suspected but here are also samples taken. A type 3 survey is the most extensive of all and this full survey is required if you intend to demolish a building or do renovations.
  • The costs associated with an asbestos survey London firm will depend on the type of survey you require and how big the job is; for example the more samples that are needed the more expensive it is likely to be.