Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Manchester

Those of us who require the services of asbestos survey Manchester firms will likely have a few questions we want answered before we make any decision.


It is important to understand a bit about the need for these types of surveys and how the information provided by them can be put to use. Most of us will be aware of the dangers associated with this material and so will be keen to ensure that we are always kept safe from its negative effects. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better idea of the need for and the services provided by asbestos survey Manchester firms.

Why is there a Need for Asbestos Survey Manchester Firms?

If you have never needed this type of service previously you may be wondering as to why asbestos survey Manchester firms are required at all. Surely this is a job that most of us will be able to carry out without outside help. Well the reality is that asbestos is too dangerous for the untrained to be going anywhere near it and this job is always best left to the professionals; in fact you there could be legal as well as health consequences if you started to tamper with the asbestos in your building without a professional survey.

We didn’t realise how dangerous asbestos really was until the mid seventies. There had been many concerns expressed before this time, but it was only at this time that the weight of evidence became impossible to ignore. Since the 1970s there has been a lot of government legislation that aims to prevent further use of asbestos in buildings and to control any asbestos that is in use. There are many diseases associated with this material and the number of people who have died from exposure is startling; there could be as many as 5,000 people dying each year in the UK due to earlier exposure to asbestos. At one time there were even cigarettes that contained asbestos.

The Role of Asbestos Survey Manchester Firms

There is no doubt anymore that asbestos needs to be properly managed and this is where asbestos survey Manchester firms come into the picture. The law states that those who are responsible for non-domestic buildings that were created prior to 1999 (the date after which asbestos could no longer be used in UK buildings) should have an asbestos management plan. This plan involves a survey to establish the situation in regards to asbestos used in the building and whether any action needs to be taken to keep things secure. This service is provided by asbestos survey Manchester firms.

There are different varieties of survey provided by asbestos survey Manchester firms. The simplest survey is called the type 1 or presumptive survey and this involves just going to the area where asbestos is suspected to be and making a report. A type 2 survey involves taking samples and this is the most common type. A type 3 survey is the most comprehensive of all the surveys.