Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Nottingham

Most of us will appreciate the need for the tight regulation of this material, but did you also know that there is legislation that also compels you to avail of services such as asbestos survey Nottingham firms.


Asbestos is something that can cause a lot of harm to people’s health and so there are laws to protect us. In order to comply with this law those of us who are responsible for non-domestic buildings are expected to take certain actions; failure to do this could lead to severe financial consequences. Most of us don’t just worry about the legal threat but are genuinely determined to protect our employees and the general public from this hazardous material and this is why we will choose a quality asbestos survey Nottingham firm.

What to Expect from Asbestos Survey Nottingham Firms

Depending on your needs there are different types of services that asbestos survey Nottingham firms can offer you. This means that it is important that you fully consider these needs and that way you will be able to best pick the survey that is most appropriate to our requirements. Here are just some of the reasons why you may be considering asbestos survey Nottingham firms.

  • If you just want a low cost fact finding mission then the most basic type of asbestos survey is the type 1 or presumptive study. This really is only a basic survey and won’t cover you for your legal responsibilities in regards to asbestos management. With a type 1 study it just involves going to those parts of the building where it can be reasonably expected to find asbestos and then evaluating the condition of this material. There is usually no samples taken with a type 1 study and this is why it doesn’t really meet the legal requirements.
  • If you want to do the minimum to meet your requirements in regards to the law then you will need to have at least a type 2 survey conducted by one of the asbestos survey Nottingham firms. This type of survey not only involves going to those parts of the building where asbestos is likely to be found but also taking samples as well. The type 2 survey is the most popular one requested from asbestos survey Nottingham firms.
  • If you need a more extensive survey then you will need to request the full (type 3) survey. This involves looking at all those areas where asbestos can reasonably be expected to be found. The fact that this is so extensive and will usually require many samples means that it tends to be the most expensive type of survey.

As you can see there are different options when it comes to asbestos survey Nottingham firms.  If you are still unsure about the most appropriate one for you then the best advice will probably be to approach these firms directly and ask for their opinion. Remember that if you ask them for a quote for work it doesn’t oblige you to them in any way.