Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Surrey

Finding asbestos survey Surrey firms shouldn’t prove too difficult, but you are almost certain to find that some have more to offer than others.


This type of assessment is important so you will always want to be sure that you are dealing with a quality outfit. Remember that you have legal obligations when it comes to asbestos management if you are responsible for a non-domestic building that was constructed before 1999. If you chose an asbestos survey Surrey firm that doesn’t provide the information you need then you could be just wasting your money.

How to Choose an Asbestos Survey Surrey Firm

Here are just a few ideas to make it easier for you to choose an asbestos survey Surrey firm.

  • If you don’t understand your own requirements fully then it will be hard for you to get the most of what any asbestos survey Surrey firm has to offer. Think about the information you need and how you are going to use it. Make your requirements clear to those organising the survey to ensure that they will conduct the right type of survey to get this information.
  • It is important that you understand your legal duties in regards to asbestos management and this way you will be more likely to choose the most appropriate services from an asbestos survey Surrey firm. If you are responsible for a building older than a decade you are expected to have an asbestos management plan, and if there are any actions required following a survey you will be obliged to carry these out.
  • The most basic type of service offered by an asbestos survey Surrey firm will be a type 1 survey (also called the presumptive survey). This usually isn’t enough to fulfil your legal obligations but the information gathered can be useful for later projects. Many people use the type 1 survey as a fact finding mission and they conduct a more intensive survey at a later date. With the presumptive survey it just involves going to those places where asbestos is likely to be found and reporting back; this doesn’t involve taking samples.
  • The most popular type of survey in the UK is the location and sampling survey (type 2 survey). As the name suggests this not only involves examining the likely areas where asbestos is to be found but also taking samples as well. Many people choose the type 2 survey because it us usually enough to meet the minimum legal requirement.
  • If you are looking for a cheap good quality asbestos survey Surrey firm it is well worth checking out your online options. Many of these firms now deal almost exclusively online as this helps to keep their running costs low; they can then pass on these savings to the customer.
  • Never choose an asbestos survey Surrey firm purely on the basis of price. You need to be sure that they are going to do the job properly so that you get the information you need.