Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Training

Asbestos survey training is there to ensure that those involved in this type of important work are up to the task.


There has been an increasing demand for asbestos training in recent years as more and more people attempt to meet the legal requirements of legislation and to create a safe work area. Asbestos survey training ensures that those who are tasked with meeting this demand have the skills and knowledge they need to do the work. It will be quite a few years before the demand for this type of survey dies down, and so anyone who is entering the profession should have a bright future ahead with plenty of employment opportunities.

The Need for Asbestos Survey Training

Most of us will be aware of the concerns surrounding the material asbestos and we will appreciate the need to regulate it to ensure its safe usage. This was once a very commonly used material, and there are still those who would like to use it if they thought it could get away with it. Asbestos does have certain advantages associated with it; the most attractive one being that it is so heat resistant. During the sixties and seventies asbestos was used extensively in buildings and we are paying the price for this now. Since 1999 it is no longer permissible to use asbestos in buildings in the UK. There are still plenty of buildings though that contain this material and this is why asbestos survey training is required.

The health problems associated with asbestos only really became big news in the eighties. There were concerns about the material expressed long before this, but these concerns were more or less ignored because it was felt that the benefits outweighed the bad. At one time they were even using asbestos in cigarettes and for household items like oven gloves. Eventually though the dangers of asbestos were impossible to ignore and there is no telling how many people have died are a result of exposure to this material; millions of people around the world. It is believed that in the UK alone there are up to 5,000 people each year who die because of previous exposure to asbestos. The work of asbestos survey training is to reduce this number in the future.

Just because a building uses asbestos doesn’t mean that people are going to get sick or die. Under normal circumstances this is a relatively safe material and it is only when it gets damaged that the problems start. Once asbestos fibres become airborne though, they can start to cause a lot of problems. The role of a survey is to ensure that any asbestos in use is not damage and to be able to do this task it is important that inspectors get sufficient asbestos survey training.

Some Final Thoughts on Asbestos Survey Training

Asbestos survey training can help keep the public safe from this potentially dangerous substance. Those who decide to take part in asbestos survey training should have no problem finding gainful employment both now and in the future.