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Asbestos Survey UK

In order to choose the most appropriate asbestos survey UK team you will need to understand a bit about your own requirements and what these firms can offer.


There are different types of survey available and so it is important that you choose the most appropriate one. This choice will not only mean that you get the information that you need, but also that you meet requirements in regards to the law. Management of asbestos is something that is taken seriously and you will want to be sure that you are doing so correctly. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a much better idea about how to choose an asbestos survey UK firm.

Why is an Asbestos Survey UK Firm Required?

It is now well documented that asbestos can be a very hazardous material for human health. That is not to say that having asbestos in a building is going to mean that people will start dropping like flies; it doesn’t work like that. So long as asbestos isn’t damage it is considered a safe material that can bring many benefits such as heat resistant. It is only when this material becomes damaged that the problems start, and this is why and asbestos survey UK firm is required. They can check out the condition of any asbestos and report back if any action needs to be taking.

Since 1999 we stopped using asbestos as a building material in the UK. In the decades preceding this we had greatly reduced our dependence on asbestos. In fact it was only really during the sixties and early seventies that we used it routinely. This all means that, while future buildings will no longer contain this potentially dangerous material, there is still plenty of it floating about. The law requires that any non-domestic building older than a decade must have an asbestos management plan.

What Can an Asbestos Survey UK Firm Offer?

An asbestos survey UK firm can offer a number of services including helping people develop their asbestos management plan. As we have mentioned there are a number of different types of survey including –

  • Type 1 Survey (presumptive survey) is a basic report that involves the firm inspecting those parts of the building where it could be reasonably expected to find asbestos and documenting what they find. This simple survey is not usually enough to meet legal requirements because it does not involve taking samples, but it can be good for fact finding.
  • A type 2 survey is the one most commonly requested from Asbestos survey UK firms. It is a bit more extensive than the type 1 survey because it entails taking samples.
  • A full survey (type 3 survey) is the most extensive report at all and it is necessary if you are considering demolishing or making certain renovations to a building.

As you can see the scope and information of these different reports varies a great deal and you will need to consider this when choosing Asbestos survey firms UK.