Asbestos Survey

Benefits of an Asbestos Survey

If you have been considering your options you may be wondering about the benefits of an asbestos survey. This is a reasonable enough question, and there are certainly benefits to such an endeavour.


There is currently a huge demand for this type of service, and this is expected to continue well into the future. With more and more people needing to avail of this service it does seem reasonable that we should discuss the benefits of an asbestos survey. It is also certain that the more information we have the more likely we are to deal with this matter correctly.

The Benefits of an Asbestos Survey

So what are the benefits of an asbestos survey? Let’s examine these here.

  • Well the most important thing to say here is that it is helping to keep people (including us) safe from the potentially hazardous effects of this material. We have known for a few decades now that asbestos can be the cause of a number of diseases including certain types of cancer. Although it became unlawful to use the material in buildings after 1999 there is still plenty of it floating about. Asbestos is fairly benign when it is intact but when it gets into the air it can start causing lots or problems. If we do have asbestos in our property we must ensure that it is regularly inspected and intact.
  • Another benefit of an asbestos survey is that it will ensure that we meet our legal obligations. If we have a non-domestic property that is older than a decade we are required to have an asbestos management plan. In order to comply with the law an asbestos survey will be required. If we fail to do this we are breaking the law.
  • If we plan on doing a refurbishment or demolishing then you will need the information provided by this survey to plan and ensure that everything occurs safely.
  • If you are a home owner you won’t have a legal obligation to have an asbestos survey but doing so can bring great piece of mind. Many of us worry that this material could be causing harm to us or our families. The domestic asbestos survey has become very popular in recent years.

Some Final Thoughts on the Benefits of an Asbestos Survey

There are certainly a lot of benefits of an asbestos survey, and failing to conduct surveys could also bring many negative consequences. There are a number of different surveys available though, and it is important that we always choose the one that is most appropriate to our needs. If we fail to get the right survey or choose the wrong type of firm we could end up with something that is inappropriate; worse it could give us a false sense of security. There are a number of firms offering this type of service so it makes sense that you check out all your options. It should be possible to get something that is not only good quality but also reasonably priced.