Asbestos Survey

Type 3 Asbestos Survey

A type 3 asbestos survey is also sometimes referred to as a full access sampling survey. It is the most extensive type of survey available and will be required in a number of instances.


If you are unsure about your need for a type 3 asbestos survey you will hopefully have a better idea by the end of this article. Remember that this is a potentially hazardous material that should always be handled with care. The HSE has made it clear that anyone responsible for a building that is older than a decade should assume that it contains asbestos unless there is good proof to indicate otherwise.

Do You Need a Type 3 Asbestos Survey?

The type 3 asbestos survey is just one of a number of such surveys and it helps to know about each one before deciding which one is best for you. Here are the 3 types of survey you will find available.

  • The presumptive survey (type 1 survey) involves going to those parts of the building where there is likely to be asbestos and reporting on what is found there. This is a very basic survey and not enough to meet the legal responsibilities for an asbestos management plan. This type of survey doesn’t involve sampling.
  • The limited access sampling survey (type 2) is a bit more intensive than the type 1 survey because it involves taking samples. This is the most popular type of sampling available because it is usually enough to meet legal requirements.
  • The full access sampling survey (type 3) is the most extensive type of survey and involves fully checking a building and taking many samples. The information provided by the type 3 asbestos survey is far more conclusive than what can be found by other types of survey.

The most common reason why people might want a type 3 asbestos survey is they intend to do rebuilding work or demolish a construction. When asbestos is intact it is relatively harmless, but when it is broken up the fibres inside become airborne and this is what causes so many health problems for people. Asbestos fibres can lead to death so it is crucial that they are managed properly; if people are going to be demolishing or working on a building they are likely to release these fibres. The purpose of the type 3 asbestos survey is to ensure that this work can be carried out without causing damage to workers or anyone else in the vicinity of the building. Failure to follow the law in this matter could lead to serious problems.

Some Final Thoughts on the Type 3 Asbestos Survey

Once you have determined your need for a type 3 asbestos survey you will find plenty of firms who will be able to provide this type of service. The price for a type 3 survey will vary greatly because each job will involve different levels of work and the firms will charge varying rates for their services.