Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Bristol

If you are currently looking for an asbestos survey Bristol company then you might want to consider your exact requirements first of all. There are different types of


survey that you may want to have completed, and there is a range in price for how much firms will charge for these services. This type of assessment is often a legal requirement as part of a building asbestos management plan. If you intend to have people working on a building that is more than a decade old you will almost certainly require some type of asbestos survey Bristol firm.

What Services are Offered by an Asbestos Survey Bristol Company

It is likely that most of the different asbestos survey Bristol companies will offer similar services including –

  • A type 1 asbestos survey is also called location and assessment survey or a presumptive assessment. This involves looking at the likely places where asbestos is to be found and determining if it is indeed present. The type 1 survey is only really used for planning and is not suitable if you intend to work on the building or demolish it.
  • A type 2 asbestos survey is a bit more extensive then the presumptive study because this time there is actually samples taken to be analysed. This is the most common type of asbestos survey Bristol companies will be asked to perform because it meets the requirements of legislation.
  • The type 3 asbestos survey is required for refurbishment or demolishment of buildings. With this type of full survey it involves searching every part of the building and could involve the need to demolish structures in order to gain access.

How Much Will an Asbestos Survey Bristol Company Charge?

The cost of this type of survey will depend on the type of survey and the extent of it. The cheapest type of survey would be the presumptive study (type 1) but this will only be appropriate as an assessment and may not be enough to meet your legal obligation. The most expensive type of asbestos survey Bristol companies offer will be type 3; although the cost will depend on things like how many samples are required and how long the job will take.

In order for you to find out how much you will need to pay asbestos survey Bristol companies they will first need to assess what the job entails and the type of survey you need. It is impossible to provide a realistic quote until this is done because each job will be unique and have different requirements. The good news is thought that there are now many asbestos survey Bristol firms in business and this has made the prices very competitive. It will make sense for you to get a few quotes and that way you will be more certain of getting the best possible deal. Never compromise a quality survey for the sake of saving a bit of money though, because failure to do the job properly could have grave consequences as well as legal ones.