Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Legislation

Asbestos survey legislation is there to protect all of us from the potentially lethal effects of this substance. In order for you to comply with this legislation it is


important that you realise why it is required and how asbestos survey legislation impacts you. Failure to comply with the law in regards to asbestos is taken very seriously because of the potentially devastating consequences. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a much better understanding of asbestos survey legislation and why it is required.

The Need for Asbestos Survey Legislation

For a long time most of the world viewed asbestos as a wonder material. We seemed to use it at every possible opportunity and it was viewed as a solution to many problems. One of the nice things about asbestos is that it is so heat resistant; it is also resistant to many chemicals. People were so in awe of asbestos that we were even using it in household objects like oven gloves. Although there were concerns expressed before it wasn’t really until the late seventies that we start to suspect the real dangers of asbestos. When the truth became known it was a media sensation and there was widespread public panic – and rightly so. We now no longer view asbestos as our friend and do our best to avoid it if at all possible, and this is why there has been such a need for asbestos survey legislation.

It is generally believed that in a lot of instances asbestos is fairly harmless; it is only really when it is damaged that the asbestos fibres can become airborne and start causing mischief. These fibres can be deadly in high doses and have been associated with many types of disease including some lung cancers. There is now no doubt that asbestos is harmful and that asbestos survey legislation is required t manage it.

What is Asbestos Survey Legislation?

There have been a number of different examples of asbestos survey legislation produced over the years. This is evidence of how seriously the whole issue is taken, and reinforce the idea that attempting to avoid your responsibilities just isn’t worth it. One of the earliest pieces of asbestos survey legislation to make an impact was the Safety at Work Act in 1974. There were further regulations over the years which obliged those responsible for non domestic buildings to identify and properly manage any asbestos. In 2002 tougher legislation came into effect and this requires all those responsible for buildings that were constructed prior to 1999 to have an asbestos management plan. This means that a risk assessment needs to be taken and then if any action is required this will need to be taken.

There are different types of asbestos surveys that will allow people to meet the requirements of asbestos survey legislation. For most this will be the type 2 survey, but it is important that you fully investigate your options and ensure that you choose the most appropriate survey for your needs.