Asbestos Survey

Free Asbestos Survey

Asbestos is a material that has caused a lot of public concern and this is why there will be a lot of interest in the possibility of a free asbestos survey.


Not only is this type of material something that people worry about, but there are also legal obligations in regards to the safe management of asbestos. The good news is that we can meet our legal obligations and ease our concerns without spending a lot of money; a free asbestos survey quote can be obtained for both domestic and non-domestic properties.

The Need for the Free Asbestos Survey

Most of us will have already heard a lot about the dangers of asbestos; although we may not be exactly sure what these dangers consist of. Asbestos has been used in form or another by humans for thousands of years, because it brings many practical benefits. It is renowned for being heat resistant and has been used not only in buildings but in household products like oven gloves. As well as being of practical benefit there is also a more sinister side to asbestos; it can be deadly and lead to all types of health problems.

There have been concerns expressed about asbestos for well over a hundreds of years, but it is only in the last few decades that we have really come to recognise the dangers associated with this material. We now know that it has been responsible for millions of deaths around the world, and it is no longer allowed as a building material in the UK. The fact that it was previously used as a building material though means that there is plenty of asbestos still present in a lot of buildings. This is why a free asbestos survey will be something that people will be keen to take advantage of.

The Free Asbestos Survey and the Law

Those who are responsible for any non-domestic property that was built prior to 1999 are legally obliged to have an asbestos management plan – a free asbestos survey will be part of this. The reason why it is only buildings older than 1999 is that after this date it was no longer permissible to use asbestos. It is not a legal obligation for home owners to have an asbestos management plan but most will want to be reassured that they are safe from this hazardous material. This is why there will be such a high demand for a free asbestos survey.

There are now many companies that will be able to offer a free asbestos survey quote. The good news is that for a lot of people the actual price of conducting the survey will be very cheap; especially if it is just a type 1 presumptive survey. There is a lot of choice when it comes to this type of service so it makes sense to check out all your options first of all. You will find out all the information you need about the free asbestos survey online.