Asbestos Survey

Type 1 Asbestos Survey

A type 1 asbestos survey is not going to be the right choice for everyone, but they can provide important information for anyone who is planning further work.


When it comes to managing asbestos a lot of us do have legal obligations; in particular if we are responsible for a non-domestic building that was constructed prior to 1999. Failure to meet these regulations is taken seriously and not only could we be putting people’s lives in danger, but we might also be at risk of severe penalties. A type 1 asbestos survey is just one type of this report and it is important that you understand the information that it can and can’t provide. That way you will be more likely to get the information you require.

Why is a Type 1 Asbestos Survey Required?

A type 1 asbestos survey is considered the most basic survey. It is also referred to as a presumptive survey because it involves going to those part of a building where asbestos is presumed to be. With a type 1 asbestos survey you will have an inspector visit those places where it would be reasonably expected to find the material and they will produce a report on their findings. Importantly the inspector is not going to take samples of the area and this is why it is generally not considered enough to meet legal obligations. This is why the most popular type of survey is the type 2 asbestos survey which does involve taking samples.

The type 1 asbestos survey can be very useful for people as a fact finding tool; this is why it is generally commissioned. Those who require information in a pre-planning stage will find that the information provided by the type 1 asbestos survey will be enough to get the ball rolling; they can then later arrange for a more extensive survey. This survey might also be appropriate for some home owners who don’t have a legal obligation but might want a bit of reassurance.

Some Final Thoughts on the Type 1 Asbestos Survey

The type 1 asbestos survey is something that can provide useful information, and you should be able to arrange this service without spending too much money. Of course, you will never want to compromise the quality of the survey in the hope of saving a few quid. Here are a few tips for how to get a quality type 1 asbestos survey at a reasonable price.

  • There are now many companies offering this type of service and you will need to check out your options so that you will find the best price. Just choosing the first quote you are given is unlikely to be the best way of doing this.
  • Make sure you have a look at your online options as this is where the best quotes are to be found nowadays. If you haven’t checked online then the chances are that you are paying a lot more than you need to.