Asbestos Survey

Type 2 Asbestos Survey

The type 2 asbestos survey is the most popular type of this report that is requested in the UK. It is usually enough to provide the type of information that people need and to meet their legal obligations in regards to asbestos management.


This is considered a hazardous material and careful regulation is important. Any building that was constructed after 1999 should be free of this material, but the HSE advises that people should assume there is asbestos in their building unless there is good evidence to think otherwise. In order to decide if a type 2 asbestos survey is the right choice for you it will be necessary to understand a bit about what it involves and the type of information it provides.

What Does a Type 2 Asbestos Survey Involve?

The type 2 asbestos survey is also referred to as a limited access sampling survey. It involves going to those accessible areas of the building where there is likely to be asbestos and accessing the state of the asbestos; it also involves taking samples to find if there is any asbestos fibres. This type of survey will usually be enough to discover if the asbestos is causing any problems, and to determine if any further action is necessary. It is less intrusive than a type 3 survey which can sometimes involve having to damage part of the buildings in order to fully investigate the presence and condition of asbestos. With a type 2 asbestos survey there is no damage to the building but the information will be sufficient in a lot of cases.

If you intend to demolish or do refurbishment on a building it is important to realise that the type 2 asbestos survey is not going to be enough. This is because when asbestos is damaged it is particularly dangerous to humans. Damaged asbestos allows fibres to become airborne and it is these that are particularly hazardous to humans. If you are demolishing a building you will be damaging the asbestos so a fully survey will be required to ensure that this is done safely; a type 2 asbestos survey will not be enough for that.

Where to Go for a Type 2 Asbestos Survey

There is a huge demand for the type 2 asbestos survey and this has led to many firms providing this type of service. You should have no problem finding a firm in your locality, but you would be wise to check out your options before choosing. Here are just a few ideas for how you might go about this.

  • The more options you have the better and you will find that there can be a huge variation in price for this type of service. Shop around and see which firm can give you the most reasonable quote – of course your priority will need to be a good standard of service.
  • If you want the lowest price for the type 2 asbestos survey you will need to check out your online options.