Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Survey Services

Asbestos survey services are required for different reasons, and there are different types of survey available. This type of service is extremely important because failure to manage this material can lead to dire health consequences.


There are also laws which oblige those responsible for non-domestic property to make provisions for asbestos management if their building was constructed prior to 1999; this is why there is so much need for asbestos survey services. In response to the demand for this type of service there has been a huge increase in the number of firms offering this type of service. In fact all that choice can sometimes make it hard for people to choose.

Tips for Those Looking for Asbestos Survey Services

As we have mentioned, it can be a bit confusing for those who are faced with the task of choosing asbestos survey services. Here are a few tips that should hopefully make the decision process a bit easier.

  • There are different types of asbestos survey services and you need to consider your exact requirements before choosing the one that is right for you. If you don’t pick the correct type of survey it could mean that you are not meeting your legal responsibilities for management of this hazardous material.
  • The simplest type of assessment is the presumptive survey; you will also hear this referred to as the type 1 survey. With the presumptive survey those places where there is likely to be asbestos will be inspected and a report taken. The type 1 survey will not involve taking any samples in most cases so the information will be very limited; this is why it probably won’t be enough to meet legal requirements. The type 1 survey is often used for a preliminary report; there will later be a more extensive survey.
  • The type 2 survey is in some ways similar to type 1 because this also focuses on visiting those areas where asbestos can be reasonably expected to be found. The difference with the type 2 survey is that it usually involves taking samples. The type 2 survey is usually enough to meet legal requirements and this is why it is the most popular type of survey.
  • The type 3 survey is a full assessment of the building and is required if you plan refurbishment or demolition. This type of survey tends to be the most expensive because it often involves taking a lot of sample as well as a lot of investigative work.
  • Since 1999 we have stopped using asbestos as a building material. This means that if your building has been erected since that time you don’t have to worry about having an asbestos management plan.
  • When it is intact and whole asbestos can be considered relatively safe. It is only when it is damaged and asbestos fibres get into the air that it can cause problems for humans. Asbestos has been linked to many types of illness including some types of cancer.